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Original Equipment Manufacturer Upgrade from 13.4 to 13.5

Pre-requisite: Oracle recommends that you back up the Middleware Home, the Management Repository, Central inventory,… Read more

Oracle Grid Interface and Upgrading

Upgrade Oracle Grid Interface from 18c to 19c on Exadata Using GI Gold Image

Introduction Upgrading Oracle Grid Interface on Exadata doesn’t differ from upgrading on non-Exadata RAC. The upgrade… Read more

Google Cloud Software Development Kit SDK for Command Line Interface

Google Software Development Kit (CLI for GCP) Installation and few CLI Examples

Intro Google like most of the cloud providers today, offers a simple Cloud shell solution with all required tools to connect… Read more

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager Support and Upgrade

ODA Server Patching Failed while Patching Oracle’s Integrated Lights Out Manager

Introduction Recently, I was working on patching ODA X6-2L from 19.6 to 19.10. Server patching failed when trying to upgrade… Read more

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How to Create a Clone using Carousel Snapshot and Active Standby Database

Contents Pre-requisites Switch the physical standby to snapshot standby Open the PDB to be cloned in read-write mode Generate… Read more

Global Cycbers Network and Cloud Technology. Blockchain and Database Security 3D Illustration. Polygonal Grid and Digital Cycberspace 2

Oracle 19.3 Database Home Patched to 19.11 RU

This blog is show step by step how to install/set up a new Oracle 19.3 home and apply the 19.11 release update together. 1.… Read more