What Do You Have To Break To Start Appreciating AI?

Below is an excerpt of a post by Eclipsys’ Christine Kivi – Vice President of Services which was taken from LinkedIn… “Last week I broke my hand, my dominant hand and everything is harder. However, things are not impossible and in fact technology has really made this manageable. Siri is my new best friend. Voice… read more

Eclipsys Performs a JDE Lift and Shift for a Major North American Skin Care and Make Up Brand

Eclipsys is currently finishing up a JDE Lift and Shift for a major North American skin care and make up brand. They keep us looking fresh, we keep their IT refreshed. #Areyourefreshed?   … read more

Do you need help with your Oracle Forms & Reports environment?

#Willtravel! Eclipsys is assisting a major North American travel company with the development of their ticketing application. Our team implemented a fully functional Oracle Forms and Reports environment on Windows to streamline their development process.… read more

Is Oracle cloud only for Oracle?

Several days ago, discussing public cloud solutions and competition between different providers, one of the people mentioned that Oracle Cloud is just for Oracle products. At the same time, AWS and Azure are more vendor agnostic. I was a bit surprised by that statement but it appeared that several other people shared the same view.… read more

When to change your database platform and when not to…

Eclipsys is working with one of our oil and gas customers to help them with their business strategy to move from Oracle to Postgres. Identifying the right workloads for this migration is key to building a solid migration strategy. We can help you know when to change your database platform and when you shouldn’t. #beintheknow… read more