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What makes our Oracle Managed Services so good?

Preventative Approach

Our Oracle Managed Services leverage cutting-edge analytics to predict potential issues before they disrupt your business. We provide actionable insights that help you proactively optimize your Oracle environment, ensuring peak performance and efficiency for your critical workloads.

See Instant Results

By outsourcing core DBA tasks, you can achieve an immediate reduction in operational costs, typically between 40% and 70%. This frees up valuable resources you can reinvest in driving innovation and growth for your business.

Complete Environment Support

Our Oracle Managed Services provide comprehensive support, from operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix) all the way up to your applications. This holistic approach streamlines incident diagnosis, allowing us to pinpoint and resolve issues faster and more effectively.

Full Support Around The Clock

Our Oracle Managed Services offer 24/7 support across Canada. Our dedicated team of DBAs utilizes cutting-edge service management tools to instantly identify critical issues (severity 1) before they impact your overnight processes. This allows us to proactively intervene and ensure your systems run smoothly, day and night.

Always Have Reliable Service

Our Oracle Managed Services are "always on," providing 24/7/365 support without breaks, vacations, or single points of failure. Our team boasts a collective knowledge pool that dwarfs any individual, ensuring continuity and expertise even if team members move on. This means you get consistent, reliable support, always.

Oracle Specialist Providers

We speak Oracle fluently. Our team of certified Oracle specialists has database expertise ingrained in their DNA, with additional cloud accreditations for the latest advancements. Entrust your mission-critical Oracle database to our experts and gain complete peace of mind.


One-size-fits-all support doesn't work for Oracle.

We understand every organization has unique needs. That's why we've built our expertise around the Oracle technology stack, offering targeted services for each tier. This allows you to leverage our best specialists for your specific Oracle environment, maximizing your operational efficiency.

  • Site Review & On-Boarding Service
  • 24x7x365 Performance Monitoring & Alerting
  • Monthly or Quarterly Database Health Checks
  • Pro-active Database Performance Tuning
  • 24x7 Hotline Support Service
  • Access to Technical Data Analysis
  • Backup, DR, Hosting, Cloud-enablement and Security auditing
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Eclipsys and DSP: Oracle Customer Success Stories

"The partnership and transparency that’s been established between us and Eclipsys has been outstanding. Entering the partnership nearly three years ago, I had said I wanted it to be a relationship and that we were looking for partners that can plug themselves into a “one team” concept. I’ve been super happy to experience that happening with Eclipsys and would be happy to recommend their services to anyone."

Enterprise Database Manager, Insurance

"Eclipsys is always there when I need them. Expert knowledge and an understanding of our business. Very dependable company and great to deal with. Their service and knowledge is outstanding. Timelines are perfect and great customer service. We will definitely continue to leverage their knowledge and skills."

IT Manager, Manufacturing

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