Launch an OCI Instance with OCI-CLI in 10 minutes

Intro Catchy title I give you that, but there is more in this article than its title. Besides getting familiar with OCI-ClI, this lab will introduce another way to work with OCI API requests as described in the OCI Operations Associate exam(1Z0-1067) training. The tutorial will not only walk you through the required steps to have an… read more

Install OCI-CLI in 5 minutes

I recently had a weekly digest from the Medium website and noticed a blog post talking about configuring OCI in 5 minutes. The funny thing is that you had to pay a subscription to read about what Oracle documented for free. I don’t know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works but I thought I would… read more

Did You Know – DRO

Below are three NEW triggers that could put you out of compliance with your Oracle licensing… 1. Upgrading your VMware Oracle does NOT recognize VMWare as a legitimate Hard Partitioning mechanism. Your ability to move VMs from one vCenter to another and having them on the same shared storage now means you must license them… read more

Tmate makes the perfect Instant Terminal Sharing Tool for live troubleshooters

We love Tmate and we bet you will! “Visionary, outstanding, almost magic” that’s what I thought the first time I got my hands on Tmate. Sure, we all know about TeamViewer, VNC, and other remote desktop products we used a hundred times to help our parents or friends through a shared screen. But nothing compares nor… read more

Veeam backup and Bare Metal Recovery of a VM

Those who aren’t lucky enough to use VMware or HyperV in their infrastructure might find it painful to provide a seamless way to manage their virtual backup and recovery strategy (i.e Ovm, kvm..etc.). Veeam turns out to be a solid alternative that might spare the pain of reinventing the wheel along with the hours of… read more