ODA X5 - Database Home Creation Error (racclonepl.sh)

ODA X5 – Database Home Creation Error (racclonepl.sh)

Introduction ODA (Oracle Data Appliance) virtualized platform is orchestrated by OAKCLI tool, changes like Database… Read more

RMAN Incarnations and ME Part II Recovery ignoring backups ORA 19563 Datafile copy header validation failed for file

RMAN, Incarnations, and ME Part II: Recovery ignoring backups / ORA-19563: Datafile copy header validation failed for file

Intro In an ideal world, I believe, every backup script should be matched by 2 recovery scenarios. As this swiss OUC figure… Read more

Global Cycbers Network and Cloud Technology. Blockchain and Database Security 3D Illustration. Polygonal Grid and Digital Cycberspace 2

Oracle 19.3 Database Home Patched to 19.11 RU

This blog shows step-by-step how to install/set up a new Oracle 19.3 home and apply the 19.11 release update together.  … Read more

Database Blockchain Information Flows In The Digital Global Networks. 3D Illustration of Data Cells with Binary Code Element

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Upgrade to

Section 1: Gather ODA Server Information Section 2: Patching Preparation Steps 2.1 Address Known Issues 2.1.1 Applying… Read more

Oracle VM VirtualBox

My Vagrant fork of Oracle Fleet Patching and Provisioning (FPP)

Intro I have been asked to read about Oracle database fleet management at work but the turnoff was that it relied entirely… Read more

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Migrate and Upgrade Oracle Database 12.1 on Windows to 12.2 on Linux Using Oracle Data Guard with Mixed Versions

My customer needed to migrate and upgrade Oracle Databases from on Windows to on Linux with minimum… Read more