Exadata Cloud at Customer – number of active CPUs and adding a new database.

Let’s imagine a typical working day, and you are getting a request to add a new database to your Exadata Cloud at Customer (ExaCC). If you are not familiar with the product, you can read about it in detail here. In short, it is an Exadata machine with a cloud interface, something like Oracle Exadata Cloud… read more

Why a remote Oracle managed support service could be just what you need right now

Eclipsys Solutions is Canada’s leader in remote management of your Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases. We are also experts in both Solaris and Linux. We are seeing an influx of customers that due to the unprecedented and rapidly changing work environment are having challenges with the remote management of their IT infrastructure or are short staffed and… read more

When’s the perfect time to change your database platform

Eclipsys is working with one of our oil and gas customers to help them with their business strategy to move from Oracle to Postgres. Identifying the right workloads for this migration is key to building a solid migration strategy. We can help you know when to change your database platform and when you shouldn’t. Click… read more

Eclipsys recently completed an SQL Performance Tuning Workshop for a major Canadian insurance provider

Eclipsys recently completed an SQL Performance Tuning Workshop for a major Canadian Insurance Provider – not only making recommendations to them on how to make things run faster but also teaching their staff how to do so themselves in the future. #teachamantofish Click here for a full list of Oracle Technology services! … read more

Linux LVM for Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle Database as a service (DBCS) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) had been traditionally built based on Oracle Grid Infrastructure with ASM as the main storage layer for the database, however Oracle recently has started to offer a Linux LVM as the storage alternative. Which option is the better alternative? Let’s review some of the… read more