Oracle products provide an immense amount of business value for organizations but the licensing can be complex, can introduce risk and can expose clients to additional and unanticipated fees.

Customers just like you often struggle with the answers to the following questions: 

  • You may have purchased dozens, hundreds or thousands of licenses from Oracle.  What is the financial impact on your company of saving 2% of your license spend?  5%? 10%? Or eliminating new spend for the coming year? 
  • You may not be sure whether your Oracle licensing is in compliance.  What is the benefit of understanding what you have licensed before Oracle requests an audit?
  • Your operations costs for IT continually grow.  What would be the impact on your company if you could come up with a consolidation strategy so that your resources are supporting fewer instances, fewer versions and less infrastructure? 
  • Consolidation and optimization can help you reduce the need for new purchases for the coming year.  What is the impact on your department of reducing or eliminating the need to buy new servers and storage for the coming year?
  • License management is a challenging task in a large, complex enterprise without the right tools.  Are you really in control of your license requirements and demands?

Eclipsys has the tools, skills and experience to gather the required information to provide you with a clear picture of your current environment and assist you in determining the most appropriate and efficient options and solutions for efficient license and infrastructure utilization.

A properly implemented Software Asset Management program can deliver cost savings of 10-30% and with our DRO Service, you can see an immediate return on your Oracle investment.

Let us help you bridge the gap between your Oracle license entitlements and what you’re actually using and need for your business!

  • We’ve saved over $100 Million for our clients– join the dozens of Canadian customers who have taken advantage of this service. 
  • Reduce your shortfall by 74% on average– Eclipsys Solutions offers an Oracle License Management service to help you achieve these results.
  • Audits are on the rise– become compliant for pennies on the dollar with Eclipsys.
  • Clients have been out of compliance by $10 million on average – This was a huge risk for these businesses. Be proactive and fix your licensing problem before you get another HUGE  bill from Oracle.
  • We work under NDA using an Oracle LMS verified tool.

World Class License Optimization with Aspera

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Think you’re Compliant?

Eclipsys can offer this service on a pay per percentage (that you are out of compliance) basis.

Eclipsys is confident we can save you money – don’t delay, take control of your Oracle assets today!