Terraform for dummies: Launch an instance with a static website on OCI

Intro Terraform brings a new paradigm where Infrastructure becomes a Code, and with Cloud becoming what it is today, everyone is invited at the (devops) table. Therefore, after provisioning with oci-cli in my previous BlogPost, I will explore the same task  using terraform.To add more fun, we won’t just deploy an instance but also configure a… read more

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration Troubleshooting

The Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM)  tool has been created to help with Oracle database migrations. It saves time and automates many tasks. The saved effort is getting bigger and accumulates on the scale when you need to move multiple databases. Behind the scenes, it uses the very well known Oracle Data Guard. As a… read more

Eclipsys is home to 2 of 12 Oracle ACE and ACE Directors across Canada

Eclipsys is proud to announce that we are home to 2 of 12 Oracle ACE and ACE Directors across Canada. Roopesh Ramklass, Director of Technology Strategy, and Gleb Otochkin, Senior Cloud Architect were both promoted to Oracle ACEs last week! The Oracle ACE Program is designed to recognize and reward members of the Oracle Technology and Applications… read more

Did You Know – DRO

Below are three NEW triggers that could put you out of compliance with your Oracle licensing… 1. Upgrading your VMware Oracle does NOT recognize VMWare as a legitimate Hard Partitioning mechanism. Your ability to move VMs from one vCenter to another and having them on the same shared storage now means you must license them… read more

Why a remote Oracle managed support service could be just what you need right now

Eclipsys Solutions is Canada’s leader in remote management of your Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases. We are also experts in both Solaris and Linux. We are seeing an influx of customers that due to the unprecedented and rapidly changing work environment are having challenges with the remote management of their IT infrastructure or are short staffed and… read more