Linux LVM for Oracle Database on OCI

Oracle Database as a service (DBCS) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) had been traditionally built based on Oracle Grid Infrastructure with ASM as the main storage layer for the database, however Oracle recently has started to offer a Linux LVM as the storage alternative. Which option is the better alternative? Let’s review some of the… read more

Oracle OCI Database service storage allocation

Today I would like to discuss the block storage allocation in a VM based Oracle DBCS system. Several times in different conversations it was mentioned that the block storage will be allocated with triple redundancy on the ASM level. Let’s check it out. If we try to allocate the minimum size volume 256GB for an… read more

GoldenGate : setup Bi-Directional Replication in Multitenant environment (PDBs)

Intro GoldenGate replication solution allows you to capture, replicate, filter, transform, and deliver real time transactional data across Oracle or heterogeneous environments. Goldengate 12c features along with Oracle multitenant architecture introduced some changes to the way replication works (see Fig-1). Another interesting fact is that few of Oracle Streams features have now found their way… read more

This is no longer your Father’s Oracle

Another Oracle Openworld conference has come and gone. This my third in a row since joining Eclipsys. I truly enjoy attending this event and this year was no exception. It definitely felt like a smaller conference, but it was still packed with great sessions and meetings with Oracle, customers and partners.  My key take away? “This… read more

OOW 19 takeaways

It always takes some time to filter, sort and digest all the new information, updates and announcements after a big event. This year Oracle Open World brought us new products, changes in the existing lineup and a glimpse to what is coming next. I don’t plan to describe in a short post all what happened… read more