Google Cloud Platform Networking

What makes Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Networking Service different from other Cloud Providers?

Intro During my preparation for the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam, I first got myself a free tier account which usually… Read more

Generic Technology Background

OVM Series Part 2: What to collect when opening a Service Request

Intro In my last post, I have described few commands within Oracle OVM  Manager CLI. This time, the topic is about how to… Read more

Oracle 19C Database Environment Troubleshooting

How an ORA-01102 Error drove me nuts in a 19C Environment and How it was fixed

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Terraform Modules Simplified

Terraform Modules Simplified

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Oracle 19c Database

ORA-00600 [KCBTSE_ENCDEC_TBSBLK_1] When Duplicating PDB in 19C

Seems that lately I have been getting around ORA-00600 errors when duplicating databases, and this will be a very short… Read more

Logo of Rocky Linx white text with green font New Kids in the Block

New Kids on the Block – Rocky Linux

If you’ve been following the recent changes in the Linux world you probably remember how Red Hat and Centos announced in… Read more