Eclipsys Exclusive ‘In-A-Box’ Solutions

Eclipsys Solutions is proud to be the first North American company to offer a variety of Oracle “in-a-box” solutions on the ODA platform.

Below are some examples of the “in-a-box” solutions we offer and what that includes, for more information on any of these solutions and ones not listed, please contact us.

WebLogic In-a-Box

A reliable turnkey solution for the deployment of Java Enterprise applications so that you can focus your resources elsewhere.

  • ODA system installation
  • Setup of ODA virtualized image.
  • Deployment of ODA Virtualization Template
  • Configuration of ODA Base (file system, grid infrastructure, database)
  • Provision and configuration of Oracle WebLogic (clustered or non-clustered)
  • Provision and configuration of Oracle Traffic Director

EM12c In-a-Box

A great, scalable platform to run your Cloud Control and Ops Center management platform for your entire enterprise, includes:

  • ODA system installation
  • Build EM12c on the ODA with the repository in ODABASE
  • Enable EM12c with an Eclipsys best practices monitoring template for a typical Production target database, or a typical Non Production target database
  • Optionally, enable EM12c for Exadata monitoring

WebCenter In-a-Box

Our clients can utilize this WebCenter solution on ODA for proof of concept (POC) to evaluate WebCenter within an engineered system or to fully integrate the solution into their environment.

The following components are included with this service:

  • WebCenter Portal
  • WebCenter Content
  • WebCenter Sites – JumpStart
  • Integration of WebCenter Portal with Content
  • Integration of WebCenter Sites with Content
  • Creation of sample portal site
  • Orientation service on WebCenter Portal

SOA In-a-Box

The goal of the SOA infrastructure is to provide a platform that can be used for the various environments required in the life cycle of a service such as the development, testing, acceptance and production. The Eclipsys SOA-in-a-Box solution greatly simplifies deployment by offering a fully integrated platform to allow rapid deployment so users can focus on deploying the target business solution – rather than losing time on infrastructure integration issues.

  • Pay as you grow feature allows for scaling as the needs grow since CPU cores can be added and activated only when they are required
  • Utilization of the full ODA capacity regardless of database core usage with an efficient sharing of the platform with one or more applications such as the Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and the Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) products
  • Provides isolation between the database and application workloads while the database is granted with exclusive access to the hardware for enhanced performance
  • Flexibility to choose components required for deployment in one or multiple VM as per your isolation and environment segregation requirements

Eclipsys IDM-in-a-Box

How do you engage in Enterprise Security today?
How much time do you spend providing Security Support to your user base?
Do you have a large amount of applications/services which your users access?
Do you have any security standards or compliance requirements to consider?

As an answer to this requirement Eclipsys proposes deploying our IDM-in-a-Box solution, which provides a highly available fully contained solution on a single Oracle ODA engineered system. The IDM-in-a-Box solution greatly simplifies deployment by offering a fully integrated platform from disk to middleware, to allow rapid deployment of a platform where users can focus on deploying the target business solution – rather than losing time on peripheral infrastructure integration issues.

… And More

Eclipsys has deployed many more ODA application configurations, either with our own configurations or by levering Oracle VM templates, including multiple installations of Oracle eBusiness Suite and Ellucian Banner, to name just a few.

Call us to see how we can help you with an application in the box solution for your company!