Engineered Systems Consulting – Exadata Consulting

With increased pressure to get more work done with fewer people and make IT a competitive asset rather than a cost center, It’s time to take a close look at Oracle Exadata, – the world’s fastest database machine exclusively designed to run the Oracle database.


  • Extreme Performance
  • Vertically Integrated Solution
  • Supports Both OLTP and DW workloads
  • Sophisticated Resource Management
  • Advanced Consolidation Capabilities
  • Runs On Commodity Hardware
  • Runs All Existing Oracle Database Workloads


  • Oracle Platinum Partner
  • Oracle Exadata Specialized
  • All Aspects Of Exadata Implementation Services
  • On-shore Resources
  • On-site and Remote Delivery Models
  • Oracle Exadata Certified Implementation Specialists
  • In-house Exadata Lab

At Eclipsys, we can optimize the value of your Exadata investment to improve your return on investment, reduce your risk and tailor the solution to suit your needs.

Our Exadata services include:

  • Exadata Initial Deployments
  • Exadata Migrations
  • Exadata Patching
  • Exadata Consulting
  • Exadata Training
  • In-house Exadata Loaner Program


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