We have so much experience working with the Oracle Database Appliance, that we are able to offer a lot of our ODA services with a fixed scope and a fixed price. You can relax knowing that the job will be completed on time and on budget with the highest quality by an Eclipsys ODA expert.

Regular and Virtualized Deployments

Eclipsys can deploy your ODA in either a regular or virtualized configuration

  • Installation of a regular or virtualization platform on your ODA
  • Patch to the latest patchset, the configuration of public network access, installation of Grid infrastructure and Oracle software
  • Configuration/setup of remaining IP addresses and of storage and ASM disks
  • Configuration of Automatic Service Requests (ASR)
  • For virtualized platforms, creation of the privileged and guest VMs
  • ODA core adjustment, and VM resource adjustments
  • Validation and documentation of your installation

System Installation

Our new system
installation includes:

  • Racking and cabling
  • Power up and test
  • Setup and configuration of ILOM
  • Setting up your CSI
  • Validation report


Eclipsys can bring your ODA platform up to the latest patch levels, including:

  • Analyzing your ODA environment for patch readiness
  • Plan patching as per business requirements (downtime, recovery) and technical requirements
  • Full patching of infrastructure components including disk, firmware, OS, virtualization, ILOM and drivers
  • Patching of Oracle Grid and ASM (Automatic Storage Management)
  • Patching of Oracle Database
  • Validation and documentation

WebLogic Deployment

Eclipsys can deploy WebLogic on your ODA, in either a regular or clustered configuration, including load balancing:

  • Installation of WebLogic in a regular or clustered configuration, and setup of your domains
  • Installation of Oracle Traffic Director installation, and configuration of the load balancer with WebLogic
  • Integrating WebLogic with your Oracle database (RAC/Non-RAC)
  • WebLogic resource adjustment
  • HTTP session data replication
  • Patching, validation and documentation


Eclipsys can provide training and knowledge transfer to your teams, so they can quickly get acquainted with their new ODA infrastructure. Our training modules include:

  • ODA Overview
  • ODA Installation
  • ODA Setup and Configuration
  • ODA Patching
  • ODA Administration/maintenance
  • VM management on your ODA
  • Oracle Weblogic server on ODA
  • Backup and recovery on ODA
  • And more!