For customers who are looking to evaluate whether Exadata is the right platform for them, you can take advantage of our Eclipsys Exadata development lab to run your critical workloads and help justify your Exadata purchase by better understanding the value of the platform.

The purpose of this Proof of Value (POV) engagement is to quickly measure various performance matrices and show gains that can achieve on the Exadata machine. This POV engagement provides our customers with an opportunity to derive a more detailed level of technical due diligence towards migrating to the Exadata platform.

Proof of Value engagements are run by our Exadata experts and typically includes:

  • Identification of key workloads
  • Setting performance goals and success criteria
  • Loading customer data
  • Running workloads on the Eclipsys Exadata
  • Telemetry analysis
  • Expert advice based on our findings