Try Before You Buy!

There is no better way to experience the simplicity, affordability and reliability of the Oracle Database Appliance then first hand at your own site!

Our Loaner Program allows you to get your hands on an ODA, deploy it in your infrastructure and try it out with your workloads – so you can assess how the platform can improve your current operations and customer experience. This program allows you to deploy an ODA, and then test it in your infrastructure for a period of 10 days.

Expert Orientation Service

Included as part of the loaner program – in less than a day, our consultant will work with you to rack your system, deploy your platform, install a database and show you the ins and outs of working with the appliance. That means your team is fully up and running, and able to concentrate on their assessment activities.

The Orientation Service also allows you to call our experts anytime during your assessment with follow-up questions or to get us to help you out with a task or procedure.

Additional Assessment Modules

We have developed 3 additional modules, available for an extra fee:

  1. ODA Patching
    This module shows how the patch or upgrade of the database should be done in the ODA
  2. ODA Hardware Failure Recovery Demonstration
    This module helps to simulate several hardware failures and validates the availability of the ODA without impacting user access. 
  3. ODA Software Failure Recovery Demonstration
    This module simulates common failures such as node failure, network failure and verifies that the database is highly available without impacting user access. 

Professional services and other on-going support can also be added to this service.

Note: we also have a Remote ODA Loaner Service which offers the same features as above without having the Eclipsys consultant or ODA at your site.