Migrate to OCI using Cross Platform Transport of a PDB Using Inconsistent Backups

Migrate to OCI using Cross-Platform Transport of a PDB Using Inconsistent Backups

Introduction RMAN offers to transfer data between platforms in a multi-tenant setting. You can move an entire multitenant… Read more

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ORA-00600: Internal Error Code, Arguments: [4000], [447], [1], [1], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

I am writing this blog because I could not find the solution to this issue online or on MOS. Issue: I received this ORA-00600… Read more

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Reduced Downtime Cross Platform Migration of Oracle 19c Database from AIX to Linux using Transportable Tablespace

This procedure covers the steps needed to use Oracle V4 Cross Platform Transportable Tablespaces (XTTS) with RMAN incremental… Read more


Why Moving Oracle Workloads to OCI is Key

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is more important than ever for companies to remain flexible and… Read more

GoldenGate Microservices on OCI

GoldenGate Microservices on OCI

Introduction: The GoldenGate Microservices architecture is a modern data integration solution designed for the microservices… Read more

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FS Clone Failed to Deregister Oracle Home

Most of the time, on a newly commissioned Linux OS, Swap space might not be allotted. Suppose under such circumstances,… Read more