ADB App Store – Oracle Autonomous Database App Store and How to Deploy Application

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The ADB App Store: This is an application launchpad for Oracle-supported applications. Using the ADB app store, tenants can install and manage the life cycle of these applications

Currently, the below applications can be deployed using the ADB App Store

Ask Oracle: This app translates the user text input to SQL and runs queries against the database

Data Visual Studio: This is a visualization tool for the analytics data

OCI Cost and Usage Analytics: Monitor and manage OCI resource consumption

OCI Log Analytics: give insights about the logs created in oci for services like VCN, load balancers, etc. For now, this app only supports logs for VCN service

Workload Analytics and Reports (WAR): a visualization tool for AWR

More applications are in the pipeline…

Pre-requisite: Should have an Autonomous Database deployed in OCI



Connect to ADB using SQL*Plus as an ADMIN user and run the below script to install the ADB App store

SQL> set define off;

SQL> @adb_app_store_install.sql

You can find all scripts at this Oracle GitHub Repository 

Once the App Store is installed successfully, run the below script to get the ADB App Store application URL.

SQL> @adb_app_store_get_URL.sql



We can use the URL from the above output to log in ADB APP store.



For credentials, We can use the default database user “ADB_APP_STORE” which exists in all Autonomous Databases.

We just need to unlock this user and set the new password to use it.




Now I can access the App Store using the above username/password and URL.



From here you can click on any application and you will see the details on how to install what are the prerequisites etc. For example, I click on “OCI Cost and Usage Analytics” to see the details.



For this app, I need to be in the root compartment to set some policies. For now let me use the “Workload Analytics and Reports (WAR)” app, as this does not need any Prerequisites if you see below.



So I just clicked on the Install button and it installed, in the above screenshot it’s already installed, that’s why you see the uninstalled and open button.

Let me click on the open button, you will get the below screen.



I used my ADMIN user to log in and see the screen below.



Here we can analyze the AWR dataset and investigate performance issues. I click on the Analyze button.



We can do many things here to investigate issues and can also generate AWR reports.

In the same way, we can install another app from the ADB App Store and take benefits. 

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