Oracle OCI and Azure Inter-cloud Link – Good Option for a Hybrid Cloud

Not long ago, Oracle and Microsoft announced a new level of cooperation in the public cloud interlinking their clouds and providing the ability to use each of the clouds where they are the best. For example it allows you to run an application on Azure and use an Oracle database in the Oracle OCI. This… read more

Keep Your Money in Check on the Oracle Infrastructure Cloud

With any cloud environment, it becomes easy to start a new resource whether it is a database or a compute instance. It is like walking to a giant department store with unlimited credit on your card. Too often we find that somebody has fired a new instance and left it forgotten to run over holidays… read more

Configure SSO for an app in Oracle Cloud using IDCS

Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) provides integration with any service that can be integrated via SAML (Security Access Markup Language) protocol. Administrations will be able to manage users into various applications via single control panel and end users will be able to get to applications via single click. IDCS provides support for standard SAML 2.0… read more