Achieving and maintaining robust IT security presents a constant, ongoing challenge to all organizations. Breaches ranging from local irritants to catastrophic break-ins are reported almost daily in the media.  As companies have adopted “exterior moat” protection for their corporate and customer information assets, there is an increasing need to identify any and all sources of access to IT systems and to further protect where the organization’s most critical data resides.

Eclipsys can help you leverage Oracle’s industry-leading security technologies to protect your data, your clients and your business. We offer assessment and consulting services to assist our customers in the following areas:

Identity and Access Management

Eclipsys has deep experience and expertise in architecting, deploying and managing the processes and Oracle technologies as part of a best-in-class Identity and Access Management fabric.  LEARN MORE

Database Security

Eclipsys Consulting Services can work with clients to architect and deploy Oracle’s latest Database Security enhancements to ensure your data is completely protected, even if external perimeters to your corporate network have been breached. LEARN MORE­