Large projects sometimes falter or fail because project mandates are huge and delivery teams try to “boil the ocean”. Eclipsys believes projects are more successful when they are iterative and deliver a series of quick successes.

Eclipsys has designed our WebCenter Jumpstarts to create quick successes for your organization, which help navigate your teams through some of the more difficult steps in your deployment – such as defining a correct architecture. Our jumpstarts are short, well-defined activities at an attractive price.

Our WebCenter Jumpstarts:

Reviving Your Existing Portals

We perform an analysis of your existing portal and content solutions, identify your target future state and provide a roadmap and technical architecture to convert your existing portal solutions to the new Oracle WebCenter Portal platform. Full consideration is taken for Accessibility and Mobility, allowing you to retire your legacy solution.

60 Day Intranet Implementation

We design and deploy a WebCenter Portal Intranet offering, including:

  • Content & Page Templates
  • Search Templates
  • Basic IA implementation
  • Navigation Queries
  • WebCenter Content Configuration
  • IBR Configuration
  • Security Configuration

Includes training for your teams on how to manage and support your new site.

Accessibility Audit

We execute a combination of accessibility reporting tools to find out how your site measures up to current accessibility standards (such as WCAG and AODA), identify opportunities for improvement and define technology solutions and a roadmap for addressing your top three concerns.

Responsive Redesign Readiness Assessment

We collect facts that represent how users interact with your portal and conduct discovery workshops to identify a target state for content delivery and user interaction according to the patterns discovered.

Content Strategy & Governance

We help you discover how you currently generate, disperse, control, tag, re-platform and archive content, and understand content sprawl and other content issues in your organization. We then create an enterprise-wide Content Strategy & Governance Framework and train content owners and contributors and senior stakeholders on how to apply it.