Oracle Service Oriented Architecture Expertise

Eclipsys will configure and install a reliable SOA infrastructure based on Oracle SOA infrastructure best practices and industry-wide best practices. Moreover, standards infrastructure architecture helps an organization automate its processes and react more quickly to changing needs, thereby lowering costs.

The Eclipsys team will use the following approach to install and configure SOA platform:

Development Workstations

At the end of this phase, the development workstations will be ready to start developing and deploying ESB applications to a local development server.

Software Installation and Configuration across all environments.

Eclipsys will install and configure the required software for all customer environments starting with the Development Integration Testing environment and culminating with production.

Pilot as a first step to the overall project:

Typically Eclipsys will deploy a pilot which includes:

  • Build Standards
  • Developer Workstations
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Domain Creation
  • Pilot Quick Start Project
  • Service Deployment


We believe Governance is a critical element of an integration platform/SOA project and we propose to include a project charter, and executive sponsorship group and a steering committee to be appointed. This will enable Eclipsys and the customer team members to solicit and maintain support, and ensure that the appropriate parties are consulted, informed, made responsible or made accountable. We will want to include stakeholders from the various departments including functional teams and executives.[/vc_column_text][/vc_section_container][/vc_section]