Eclipsys – Oracle WebCenter Implementation Services

WebCenter products come with a range of options and can consume and integrate with a full complement of services. However, depending on your architecture, the services you need and your deployment decisions, the installation and configuration of these products may not be for the faint-hearted.

Our installation and configuration service includes the following:

  • Discovery and strategy session with your team
  • Perform pre-installation tasks, such as installing, configuring and seeding your database, installing and configuring Weblogic server, creating a middleware home, and configuring it to work with your web server platform
  • Install WebCenter Portal and/or Sites and Content
  • Creation and configuration of a WebCenter domain, and extend the domain for Portal Framework and Portal Producer applications
  • Install and configure security components, such as an LDAP server or your Central Authentication Service
  • Configure Content server and install an Inbound Refinery
  • Connect to backend components like a presence server, or email server
  • Setting up your JDeveloper IDE and Application Development Framework
  • Post installation steps

Let our Eclipsys experts simplify your platform deployment so you can get your creative and content teams up and running quickly!