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Virtualized Oracle Database Appliance Upgrade to – Journey to – – Part 2

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Upgrade to I expect the previous blog was useful for patching oda from… Read more

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Oracle Enterprise Manager Upgrade from 13.4 to 13.5

Pre-requisite: Oracle recommends that you back up the Middleware Home, the Management Repository, Central inventory,… Read more

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager Support and Upgrade

ODA Server Patching Failed while Patching Oracle’s Integrated Lights Out Manager

Introduction Recently, I was working on patching ODA X6-2L from 19.6 to 19.10. Server patching failed when trying to upgrade… Read more

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OVM Series Part 2: What to collect when opening a Service Request

Intro In my last post, I described a few commands within Oracle OVM  Manager CLI. This time, the topic is about how to identify… Read more

Oracle 19C Database Environment Troubleshooting

How an ORA-01102 Error drove me nuts in a 19C Environment and How it was fixed

This blog post is part rant and part how I was able to fix an issue in the second instance that was failing with ORA-01102: cannot… Read more

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ORA-00600 [KCBTSE_ENCDEC_TBSBLK_1] When Duplicating PDB in 19C

It seems that lately, I have been getting around ORA-00600 errors when duplicating databases, and this will be a very short… Read more