World’s First ‘Autonomous Database’ Set to Make It’s Debut at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

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During a live webcast on Tuesday and just a day after Amazon Web Services introduced per-second pricing for its cloud Larry Ellison announces Oracle will sell everything at the same price as Amazon and that Oracle’s Cloud will also cost customers half as much because, “we (Oracle) are twice as fast as Amazon,” said Ellison. And this is just at the Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) layer.

According to Mr.Ellison, Oracle’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is where customers will find true benefits.

Introducing Oracle’s first ‘Autonomous Database’

“The majority of the costs of running a database and middleware is labour,” he said, noting that much of these costs can be eliminated through automation. Oracle’s new autonomous PaaS is being referred to as an “Autonomous Database.”

It will be the world’s first “self-driving database.”

“… It can’t forget to install a security patch,” he said. “How expensive could an error be,” he asked, and then answered by saying, “I don’t know … if you don’t patch the database at Equifax, that could be expensive.”

Mr. Ellison also promised 99.9995 percent availability and no more than 30 minutes downtime per year.

“This is very different from what Amazon is ‘trying’ to do,” said Ellison. “They are not even working on this. There is nothing close, even remotely close, in the cloud business,” he said.

More robust details of this new Database launch are set to be revealed at Oracle Open World on Oct. 1 to Oct. 5 in San Francisco. It was a bold move to leak this early info and create further buzz for an already well anticipated event – one that the Oracle Marketing team surely had something to do with.

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