Extending “/” Root Filesystem on a VM Guest on ODA

Sometimes space utilization projections can be improperly done; possibly calling for the need to increase the filesystem size of a vm guest residing on a virtualized ODA. If you are unlucky to have a vm guest with a non-lvm filesystem requiring an expansion of the “/”; “root” filesystem, then this becomes a slightly tricky task.… read more

Considerations for ODA X7-2 HA Rack & Stack as well as Bare Metal Deployment

Installation of the ODA X7 has some new considerations. Oracle has made some key modifications and being prepared for the installation will save you time and effort. Following the steps listed in this blog post will help ensure a smooth installation. After racking the ODA, You will need to connect to the serial management (SER… read more

Upgrading the time zone file and timestamp with time zone data in a 12.2 Oracle database

It is sometimes necessary to upgrade the time zone file and timestamp with time zone (TSTZ) data in an Oracle database, for instance when you upgrade to a new version of the database or when the rules for Daylight Saving Time (DST) change. Since version 11.2, the update process was straightforward: one would simply download… read more


Setting up Data Guard is a regular practice for DBAs to ensure their environments are able to withstand a disaster. Data Guard is a standard feature with Oracle Enterprise Edition. This blog lays out all of the steps necessary to configure Data Guard between two Oracle Database Appliances plus test the configuration with a switchover.… read more

Configuring ASR Manager on Oracle ODA version (SNMP v3 Security)

Oracle Auto Service Request is a warranty service offered under the bundled Oracle Premier Support for hardware support. This enables you to lean back and let Oracle take care of your repair requests and system part replacement needs of your ODA at no extra cost or headache. It centrally accepts hardware telemetry data sent from… read more