Historically, the number one challenge preventing customers from moving critical workloads to the cloud was security. This is no longer the case. Customers are seeing cloud solutions as being more secure as compared to on-premise. This may be the case, but once you decide to adopt cloud for your Oracle workloads, your job at securing your data does not stop. It actually can become more complex and Eclipsys can help with that complexity. Our team of Cloud Experts’ understanding of the new challenges and opportunities with cloud computing can enable your organization to not only take advantage of the robust, agile and elastic benefits of the cloud, but also greater security of your most important assets.

With Eclipsys supporting your cloud journey we are able to ensure that security is kept top of mind during architecture, deployment, migration and ongoing support of your cloud strategy.


Is the cloud more secure? It can be. However, old school thinking like “set it and forget it”, or “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” cannot be tolerated in this new cloud-first world. Understanding your role in security is paramount to ensuring your data will not be compromised. Eclipsys can not only provide guidance around your roles in cloud security as laid out in the Shared Responsibility Model but can also help to alleviate the impact on your team by taking on the responsibility for the security of your cloud assets.

Engage us for a Cloud Security Assessment as a starting point to enable your team to:

  • Better understand your security responsibilities in the cloud
  • Architect with security as a priority
  • Understand key features to help safeguard your data in the different cloud offerings
  • Build a Cloud Security Roadmap to ensure that security is a documented part of your cloud journey


As you start to migrate more of your data and applications to the cloud, having a single identity account to manage security becomes increasingly critical. Thinking about this challenge in a global fashion will help safeguard access to your assets. Our Identity Management experts can support your cloud journey by recommending and implementing the best solutions for on-prem and cloud identity solutions. Identity Management services include:

  • Architecture and design
  • Development and deployment
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing support


With all cloud service models, the responsibility for database security always falls to the customer. Identifying potential security risks and building a data security strategy should still be top of mind for IT leaders and professionals. Eclipsys can provide a comprehensive database security audit plus help you plan and prepare an overall data security strategy for you on-premise and cloud assets. This security assessment would include:

  • Formal discovery of database management, governance and security practices across the organization
  • Documentation and presentations of findings, and impact on data security
  • Development of recommendations to enhance organizational database security
  • Preparation of a multi-year database security strategy


Security doesn’t only begin and end for your production environments. Cloud is often used as a way to quickly stand up development environments, however, organizations often use sensitive production data as the basis for building these development environments. This introduces increased risk as developers, testers and database administrators often then have unlimited access to sensitive information. This often leads to a proliferation of sensitive databases and increased susceptibility to unauthorized data leakage.

Eclipsys can help improve the security of your data by implementing a data governance plan using Oracle Data Masking and Subetting Pack. Data masking is a productized solution for automatically replacing sensitive data with similar values, formatting and characteristics, such that it looks and acts like the original data, but without the sensitivity. Risks related to development environments, use of cloud services and increased data sharing are significantly reduced with approved masked databases.

Eclipsys can help you identify the risks with current methods for creating and managing non-production databases and the benefits that Oracle data masking and subsetting can offer. We have the expertise to identify the business case and strategy for data masking, as well as implement an Oracle data masking solution that will enhance current data governance and compliance efforts. The result? A more centralized approach for de-sensitizing data that is less costly and is better aligned with the need for formalized data governance, compliance and security.