Building a cloud strategy is a key component of any IT strategic plans. You know the players, but do you know which cloud is best for your Oracle workloads? We do.

Eclipsys are the Oracle experts both on-premise and in the cloud. Our team of Certified Professionals have a deep understanding of the benefits of each cloud offering as it relates to your Oracle workloads. Engaging with Eclipsys will ensure that your solution is optimized for your needs and take advantage of the ever-changing Cloud marketplace. With our team, you will realize the overall cloud strategy of your organization.

An Eclipsys Cloud Assessment is your first stop. It includes a robust set of strategies to help guide you in identifying the best workloads to move to the right cloud solution.


Our proven methodologies and best practices will guide you and your team through an examination of your Oracle workloads and result in a set of actionable recommendations to migrate them to the Cloud.

In the first component of this engagement “Evaluate”, our team will work with you to develop and enhance your cloud modernization strategy. Cloud readiness efforts include an Eclipsys-led planning workshop where we will help your team scope and define current and future cloud goals.


It begins with an Environment Discovery Session to gather information about your current IT landscape, integration points and business dependencies. We then take this information and provide a set of recommendations on the best cloud solutions for your Oracle workloads. Our deep understanding of Oracle licensing, advanced features, networking and security and how each function on all of the major cloud providers, ensure that the outcomes of this session will provide you with actionable recommendations.

These recommendations will then be used to complete a Cloud Readiness Assessment to ensure that as you move to your cloud solution, your business, workloads and team are ready. Security, monitoring, High Availability, Disaster Recovery and performance are assessed and recommendations are provided.

Finally, the Eclipsys team will provide you with a high-level migration plan that we can manage or assist your team in the execution of.

Engaging with Eclipsys at the beginning of your cloud journey puts you in a great position to make better business and technical decisions and to help to ensure you are able to fully realize the investment you make in the Cloud.