“This is no longer your Father’s, Oracle”

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Another Oracle OpenWorld conference has come and gone. This my third in a row since joining Eclipsys. I truly enjoy attending this event and this year was no exception. It definitely felt like a smaller conference, but it was still packed with great sessions and meetings with Oracle, customers and partners.  My key take away?

“This is no longer your Father’s Oracle”.

I have been working with Oracle for more than 20 years and with #OOW19, I truly felt the truth of this statement. The conference, the announcements and even the new marketing materials have a new fresh and agile feel to them. New partnerships were announced and even new “Freebies”! This is definitely not the Oracle of old.  We already knew about the new partnership between Oracle and Microsoft which is extremely impactful to our customers and their cloud roadmaps, however, Oracle also announced a new partnership with VMware.  This will definitely impact our customer’s hybrid cloud strategies by allowing them to run VMware on OCI. Our team is ready to help our customers leverage both of these partnerships.

Another great announcement from this new agile version of Oracle is its new Free tier on Oracle Cloud. Free and Oracle in the same sentence – YES! I know our team has already signed up for their Always Free services – has yours? No more 30 day trials – these Always Free services are available for an unlimited period of time.

Finally, there were some products that have been dropped from OCI. Although disappointing, this really suggests a clearer focus of the company and its product set. I believe this speaks to a commitment on the part of Oracle to its core products. This is evidenced by some additional great announcements around Oracle Autonomous Linux, Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer and the release of new versions of both Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Exadata.

Oracle showcased a commitment to its core products that our customer’s enterprise businesses rely on. I am personally excited to help our customers maximize the benefit from these announcements and help drive their strategic roadmaps forward.

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