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Creating Disaster Recovery Plan

OLVM – Disk State Stuck in Finalizing State

Introduction It’s essential to have a proper backup mechanism for virtualization infrastructure. Also, we need… Read more

OCI Storage Gateway – For RMAN Backups

OCI Storage Gateway – For RMAN Backups

Acronym Definition SG – Storage Gateway OSS – Object Storage Service Introduction Syncing data from on-prem… Read more

OCI Data Safe – Part 2 Data Discovery

OCI Data Safe – Part 2 (Data Discovery)

Introduction We live in a digital era where the most valuable asset is data. Most organizations are investing in the cloud… Read more

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Microsoft Azure Template Creation for DB – Part 2

Introduction In this era, cloud technology is booming at a rapid pace and businesses are focusing on optimizing IT infrastructure… Read more

OLVM Photo

OLVM Intergration with OEM 13c – (OLVM Monitoring)

  Introduction Nowadays businesses heavily depend on online mission-critical databases and applications. The… Read more

Configure Storage Domain (OLVM) – Part 4/6

Configure Storage Domain (OLVM) – Part 4/6

Introduction I hope the last few articles were helpful to start a new journey with OLVM (Oracle Linux Virtual Manager).… Read more

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