Series – Navigating the AI Frontier with Oracle – Part 1 of 5

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The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and industry has paved the way for transformative advancements across diverse sectors. Oracle’s strategic partnership with NVIDIA and Cohere brings forth a comprehensive suite of AI services, catering to distinct business needs. In this inaugural blog post of our series, we introduce the four realms where Oracle is reshaping industries through AI innovation.


1. AI Apps Embedded in Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle AI Apps, seamlessly integrated into the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications suite, usher in a new era of business insights and automation. These AI-powered applications adapt to your unique workflows, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized recommendations and automate routine tasks. Some of the remarkable AI-powered applications include Oracle Financials, HR, Sales, and Procurement. Learn more about Oracle AI Apps.


2. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) AI Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) AI Services encompass a collection of prebuilt machine learning models designed to simplify AI integration within applications and operations. Developers can readily apply AI without compromising application development speed. These services offer the flexibility to custom-train models for precise business outcomes, fostering accuracy and efficiency. By facilitating model reuse and collaboration, OCI AI Services democratizes AI, making it accessible and impactful across teams.


3. Machine Learning Services

Oracle’s Machine Learning Services empower data scientists and developers to create, train, deploy, and manage custom learning models effortlessly. Whether through support for open-source libraries and tools or in-database machine learning, these services provide a robust foundation for data science capabilities. Additionally, Oracle offers an AutoML User Interface (AutoML UI) embedded in the Autonomous Database, making automated machine learning accessible without the need for coding. This is a significant advancement in simplifying AI for everyone.


4. OCI Supercluster and AI Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Supercluster emerges as a powerhouse for training generative AI models. Its ultrafast cluster networking, high-performance computing storage, and OCI Compute bare metal instances form a formidable combination. With support for thousands of NVIDIA GPUs, OCI Compute instances fuel applications spanning computer vision, natural language processing, recommendation systems, and more. This infrastructure lays the groundwork for AI-driven innovations that redefine the boundaries of possibility.


Bonus: Exploring Generative AI

Generative AI is a hot topic in the AI landscape today. It’s a technology that’s changing the game across industries. To delve deeper into this exciting field, check out our upcoming Webinar sessions covering A, available in the coming weeks. These sessions will provide you with invaluable insights and the latest developments. For earlier registration for one of our sessions, you can reach out directly to me here.

Stay tuned as we continue our journey exploring AI’s impact across industries. As our series unfolds, uncover the future of AI’s transformational impact on businesses in each of these featured realms.

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