No-Charge EBS Upgrade Assessment (Upgrade or Die)

October 28, 2020

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Many need to determine appropriate next steps for customers.  You are not alone customers like you are running Oracle E-Business Suite version 12.1.  This version will be out of support in December 2021 resulting in, over 40% of EBS installations are running on unsupported versions and are a challenge for businesses.
Version 12.2 will be supported until 2031. You or your executive leadership are considering your options and this upgrade of EBS to R12.2 is a required step in order to ensure the supportability of your current environment, plus it is the necessary first step to take your 12.1 environments to the Cloud. 

Current Promotion:

We are currently offering a No-Charge EBS Upgrade Assessment to clients to help you determine the overall impact of upgrading EBS to Oracle’s support version. 

This offering is approximately twenty (20) days of effort and includes: 

  • A Structural EBS System Assessment
  • A Custom Code Standard Compliance Assessment
  • A Patching Compliance Assessment
  • A Technical Impact Assessment 

Deliverables from this engagement will include a set of documented recommendations and a tangible roadmap for upgrade including considerations for migrating to the cloud.

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