MySQL in the Cloud: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Leads the Way

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The move to the cloud is no longer a trend; it’s a necessity. Businesses, especially those seeking to modernize their IT environments, are regularly analyzing which cloud solution is going to give them the best possible ROI for each of their critical workloads. This is ‘cloud smart’, and with the major cloud providers working closer than ever before, decisions like this will drive IT organizations’ competitive advantage in terms of security, performance, & costs. When it comes to migrating your MySQL database to the cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) emerges as the undisputed champion. Let’s explore why.


Simplicity and Integration:

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure takes the complexity out of the equation. With MySQL HeatWave, you get a single cloud database service that seamlessly integrates transactions, real-time analytics, and machine learning. This eliminates the need for separate and costly services for analytics, data lakes, and ETL processes. Query your data within MySQL or in object storage, or combine both, all without the headache of data movement latency and security risks. Simplification and integration have never been so sweet.


Unmatched Performance and Cost Savings:

When it comes to performance, MySQL HeatWave on OCI stands head and shoulders above the competition. It’s 4.2 times faster than Amazon Redshift at just one-fifth of the cost, 3.3 times faster than Snowflake at one-eighth of the cost, and a jaw-dropping 1,400 times faster than Amazon Aurora at half the cost. But that’s not all; the price-performance of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse for query processing is a staggering 8 times better than Redshift, 18 times better than Databricks, 22 times better than Snowflake, and an impressive 30 times better than Google BigQuery. You won’t find a better bang for your buck anywhere else.


Real-world Success Stories:

Let’s take a look at real-world success stories. Pasona Tech, Inc., one of Japan’s major employment agencies in the IT industry, migrated its Content Management System (CMS) from Amazon Web Service (AWS) with RDS to MySQL Database Service on OCI. The results were a staggering 75% cost reduction, which is not uncommon. MySQL Database Service provided superior performance and scalability at a lower cost than Amazon RDS, making it really a simple case to make the transition.

But it’s not just Pasona Tech; other organizations are also making the move. An automotive tech company, for instance, decided to switch from AWS to OCI for its RAMP platform, built on the MySQL database. The reason? OCI is finely tuned for MySQL performance and offers substantial cost savings, in this case, approximately 50% savings for the organization versus what they had on AWS. It’s a compelling testament to the advantages of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Emphasizing Common Benefits:

These success stories highlight a consistent trend – organizations that make the move to MySQL HeatWave DB Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are experiencing remarkable improvements in performance, scalability, security, and productivity. And, just as importantly, they’re doing so while significantly reducing costs.

Any IT leader will say they value both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We see many teams apprehensive to take action and move forward on transformations like this, and often times it’s due to their familiarity with the status quo.

Eclipsys makes this transition effortless for our partners, as we acknowledge and address any of the apprehensions they may have. We work closely with partners to demonstrate what these environments could look like in OCI, what new functionality they will be able to leverage, outline the clear financial implications the move will have, and provide support all the way through set-up and migration.

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