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OCI FortiGate HA Cluster – Reference Architecture: Code Review and Fixes

Introduction OCI Quick Start repositories on GitHub are collections of Terraform scripts and configurations provided… Read more

What Autoupgrade Won’t Catch for You when Moving to 19c Part1: Ghost OLAP

Introduction So far, I have used Oracle AutoUpgrade, many times in 3 different OS’. Yet the more you think you’ve seen it… Read more

Cloud Showdown: Bare Metal vs. VMs in OCI – Pros & Cons

Introduction The migration journey to the cloud for a business comes in different shapes and colors. Today, we’ll explore… Read more

Tech Content Creator Toolkit: The Cheat Sheet

Introduction Some of you are probably at a stage where daily work isn’t enough, and interacting with the tech community… Read more

Terraform Pipelines for Dummies Part 1: Run a Terraform Configuration in GitLabCI

Introduction Automating infrastructure provisioning with Terraform is nothing for many, but to truly harness IaC power,… Read more

Farewell to ClickOps: OCI CLI Seamless Data Guard Replication for ExaC@C

Introduction Since the very beginning, everyone was introduced to Cloud Services through the console as it’s very quick.… Read more

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