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DevOps: Demystifying CI vs. CD and the “Delivery-Deployment” Differences

Introduction In the space of software delivery, CI/CD has emerged as a game-changing framework that accelerates the development… Read more

OCI-CLI Warning on Windows: Python 3.6 is No Longer Supported by Core Team and My Fix to Silence the Noise

Introduction Did you know what’s been driving me crazy lately? That Python deprecation warning on Windows 10 after… Read more

My Corrected OCI-IAM-Compartment Terraform Module

Introduction So, turns out I’ve been living in the Stone Age of Terraform. I thought keeping my code lean and mean… Read more

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) Certification Takeaways

Introduction In my journey into multi-cloud, I started a ritual where I’d write about each certification I pass (GCP, Hashicorp)… Read more

Azure VM Selection Made Easy: A Script Identifying Best Constrained CPU VMs for High Memory/Low CPU Workload

Introduction Are you struggling to find the most Cost-Effective Azure VMs for Database Workloads or any high memory low… Read more

Terraform Tips: How to Recover Your Deployment From a Terraform Apply Crash

– “Because sh*t happens, be ready for when it does!” — Introduction Infrastructure Automation is a lifesaver… Read more

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