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Terraform for Dummies Part 6: Deploy Oracle DB System 21c Using Terraform

Intro What’s the point of moving a database to the Cloud if we can’t automatically deploy it. After blogging about web compute… Read more

How to remote Clone a PDB from a READ ONLY Refreshable PDB (Tips & Tricks)

Introduction I didn’t know I had that many things to write about refreshable PDB (Pluggable Database) clones, but I do like… Read more

What they don’t tell you about refreshable PDB Clones (Ghost Archives)

  Intro In my previous blog post, I showcased how to automate the refresh of a PDB clone using a DBMS (Database Management… Read more

OCI Bastion Service Part II: Create Bastion Service Using OCI CLI and Terraform

Intro In part II, and after demonstrating how to use OCI Bastion Service using the Console (see part I) we will cover how to… Read more

OCI Bastion Service Part I: How to Use it to Connect to Your Private Subnet (Console)

Intro In the Cloud, Bastion or Jump Server is the only node exposed to the outside world and acts as a gateway between the Private… Read more

Terraform in OCI: The Infamous Error 404 – NotAuthorizedOrNotFound

  Intro Terraform uses API (Application Programming Interface) to interact with your Cloud Provider’s platform.… Read more

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