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September 28, 2020

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Below are three NEW triggers that could put you out of compliance with your Oracle licensing…

1. Upgrading your VMware
Oracle does NOT recognize VMWare as a legitimate Hard Partitioning mechanism. Your ability to move VMs from one vCenter to another and having them on the same shared storage now means you must license them all.

2. Upgrading your Oracle Standard Edition (SE) Databases
SE1 allowed 4 sockets for 1 license, moving to SE2 allows you to have only 2 sockets per license.

3. Oracle Database Standard Edition RAC not available from 19c onward
Careful planning must be done when upgrading Oracle Databases SE2 from 12c or 18c to 19c if using RAC. Using RAC on SE2 databases 12c or 18c limits to 1 socket per RAC node. If deployed on 2 sockets systems, hard-partitioning must be used to stay compliant. Moving to an Oracle engineered appliance or the Cloud can limit this exposure.

Eclipsys can help you understand your licensing entitlements and show you where you are out of compliance and how best to solve this – limiting your risk, saving you money and helping you define a future path to the cloud.

If you have mission-critical legacy systems running Oracle Databases, Eclipsys can help you make these systems perform while making sure your license costs are under control.

Talk to us today about our license optimization service and how you can join the many clients we’ve helped save over $100 million! We are currently offering a FREE half-day discovery session and risk exposure report.

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