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The Triple Advantage of Single Sign-On

It’s not always obvious what’s best for your business, but one thing that is obvious in the current business landscape is… Read more

Unlocking Success in the Cloud: The Eclipsys Advantage

In today’s business landscape, mid-sized enterprises face a critical decision when migrating to the cloud: should… Read more

What Oracle Database @ Azure Means for You Today

If you haven’t already heard, Oracle and Microsoft recently announced a major update to their partnership in the form of… Read more

AWS to OCI: How our Clients are Saving Money, Improving Performance, and Reducing Risk

Earlier this year, I helped a client move one of their Oracle Applications off of AWS and into Oracle Cloud (OCI). This medium-sized… Read more

Meet Oracle: The Ultimate AI Partner You Haven’t Met

When it comes to Artificial intelligence (AI), Oracle stands as more than a mere service provider. Imagine Oracle as your… Read more

Why “Cloud Smart” is the New Black, and Oracle Cloud is the Perfect Accessory

Don’t put all your Cloud Eggs in one AWS-ket (that’s a stretch) I’m sure by now, we’ve all heard the mantra “Cloud… Read more

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