Unlocking Success in the Cloud: The Eclipsys Advantage

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In today’s business landscape, mid-sized enterprises face a critical decision when migrating to the cloud: should they rely solely on cloud vendors, or partner with a specialized firm like Eclipsys?


The Power of Flexibility and Tailored Solutions

One of the most significant advantages of working with a specialized firm is the enhanced flexibility available. For instance, Eclipsys is an Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) that allows clients to purchase the Oracle Cloud directly through us WITHOUT having to jump through Oracle’s hoops or agree to their terms. Eclipsys strives to understand the unique needs of each of our clients so we can tailor the cloud solution to your goals. Unlike standard vendor contracts, which can be rigid and one-size-fits-all, a consulting firm can create agreements that better suit your specific requirements, allowing for greater customization and adaptability. Not only does this provide you with better results from your end product, but it also reduces your costs. In a recent project with a major Ontario university, we were able to save them over $100,000 annually by optimizing their licensing.


Speeding Up the Cloud Migration Journey

When time is of the essence, dedicated attention and agile delivery teams are vital. Eclipsys provides focused support, ensuring faster implementation. A faster buying process or implementation can mean avoiding another year’s renewal from your current provider or getting out of extended support payments. Depending on your situation, even saving a few weeks could mean huge savings. In fact, with the same university discussed above, they were dealing with a tight deadline. If they missed this deadline to be off their old system, they’d be forced to pay tens of thousands in support renewal fees, not to mention saving over $500,000 by avoiding the purchase of new on-premise hardware.


A Tale of Two Clients

I’d like to share a story of my experience working with two clients over the past year. Our first client is the University in Ontario I’ve mentioned above. They made the decision to adopt Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer Solutions in October of last year. Importantly, they chose to make this move with Eclipsys. They relied on Eclipsys for the procurement of the product, implementation/migration onto the new solution, and ongoing support after the fact.

Within three weeks of the purchase decision, the hardware order was placed. In March, the hardware arrived, and in a mere two months, the entire migration was completed. Yes, you read that right; by the end of May, the University had successfully transitioned to the cloud.

Now, let’s contrast this with the story of a major Canadian Airline. Like the University, they opted for Oracle’s Exadata Cloud at Customer solution. In fact, they made the decision to proceed with this solution only a few days apart from the University. However, they decided to bypass a specialized firm and went directly with Oracle. The difference in their migration experience is stark.

Unfortunately, this client faced questions, red tape, and other delays that slowed their process. In fact, I don’t believe the hardware order was even placed until January, months after their initial decision. As for the migration, the client was originally told the project would be complete by June. However, as of writing this blog (November 7th), they have yet to complete their migration. These chronic delays not only postpone the benefits of the cloud but are costing the airline both in terms of labor hours spent working on this issue and operational costs from continuing to run the outdated on-premise solution far longer than expected.



When it comes to cloud migrations, deciding on the right path forward isn’t easy. Partnering with specialized firms like Eclipsys gives access to greater flexibility, faster implementation, and more efficient architecture solutions. The real-world examples demonstrating the two paths illustrate the tangible benefits of this choice. While one swiftly completed its migration, the other still grapples with delays over a year after its purchase decision.

If you’re approaching a cloud decision, remember that partnering with experts who understand the complexities of cloud migration will help ensure your project’s success.

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