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Oracle Database Backup Directly on Microsoft Azure Cloud Blob Storage using RMAN

We were using the Oracle Database Backup on a managed disk directly connected to the Virtual Machine (VM), then copy over… Read more

How to upgrade AHF (TFA and ORACHK/EXACHK) using ahfctl (and patch it for Log4j vulnerability with version

Recently we upgraded the Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) to the latest version and I found the new AHFCTL command line… Read more

Oracle Enterprise Manager Upgrade from 13.4 to 13.5

Pre-requisite: Oracle recommends that you back up the Middleware Home, the Management Repository, Central inventory,… Read more

Configure SSO for an app in Oracle Cloud using IDCS

Configure SSO for an app in Oracle Cloud using IDCS

Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) provides integration with any service that can be integrated via SAML (Security… Read more

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