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How to Delete Non-CDB or 11g Database or 11g DB Home from ExaCC

Objective: How to delete/remove Non-CDB or 11g database or database home from ExaCC   Prerequisite: Should have Non-CDB… Read more

Automation – Apply Database Release Update Patch in Oracle 19c using Ansible

Introduction: In this blog, I will show you how to use Ansible to automate Oracle database patching. I applied the latest… Read more

ODA Pre-check Report Alert (Cluster Ready Services Attribute STOP_DEPENDENCIES/START_DEPENDENCIES for Database is Incorrect)

I am planning to Patch Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) from version 19.11 to 19.15 on X8-2L. I am not discussing the whole… Read more

Migrate On-Premise Oracle (Standard Edition) Database on Windows to OCI DBCS

Recently, I migrated the on-premise standard edition Oracle database on the Windows platform to DBCS in OCI. I am writing… Read more

How to Re-install Correct Certified Version of AHF on ExaCC

I am writing this blog as I could not find how to reinstall correct supported version of AHF on ExaCC. Recently I upgraded… Read more

How to Connect Python Application to OCI DBCS using Python-Oracledb

Pre-requisite: You should have an Oracle Database running on DBCS OCI   What is Python-oracledb? The python-oracledb… Read more

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