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Connect Autonomous Database in 3 Different Ways

In this blog, I will show you how to connect your Autonomous Database using three different ways: Pre-Requisite: You should… Read more

How to Monitor DBCS Database FRA using Custom Metric in OCI

The purpose of this blog is to show you how to use custom metric if you don’t see the default metric available in OCI… Read more

MRP (Managed Recovery Process) Stuck after Creating Standby Database

Recently I created a physical standby database using ZDM for one of the big Oracle Database Migration. After creating the… Read more

How to Quickly Deploy a WordPress Site Using Container Instances in OCI

  Container Instance: OCI Container Instances enables you to easily run applications on serverless compute optimized… Read more

How to Setup Scheduled Backup of Compute Instance in OCI

In this blog, post I will show you how to take a backup of compute instance and schedule it.   There are 2 Backup Types… Read more

All about OCIR (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry) in OCI

What is OCIR: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry, or a container registry, is an Oracle-managed registry that enables… Read more

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