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Configure Nagios to Monitor Remote Windows Host

To configure Nagios to monitor a remote Windows host, you’ll need to set up NSClient++ on the Windows Machine.   … Read more

Configure Nagios to monitor Remote Linux Host

To monitor a remote Oracle Linux host using Nagios, we’ll need to install Nagios Plugins and NRPE (Nagios Remote… Read more

Configure Nagios to Monitor Oracle Database on a Remote Linux Host Using CHECK_ORACLE_HEALTH

Monitoring the Oracle Database with Nagios involves using plugins and configurations that allow Nagios to check the status… Read more

Install Nagios Core on Oracle Linux 8.5 (OL8.5)

Nagios Core is an open-source monitoring system that helps organizations identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems.… Read more

JBO-25077 OEM has a problem with collecting the information of a host

When I opened the target host to view the related report, I got this page.   Here is the details of the error in the above… Read more

AHF-00026 Error When Upgrading AHF

When running ahfctl upgrade command, “AHF-00026: Perl is not owned by root” occurs and the AHF upgrade fails.… Read more

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