AHF-00026 Error When Upgrading AHF

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When running ahfctl upgrade command, “AHF-00026: Perl is not owned by root” occurs and the AHF upgrade fails. In this article, we will provide effective solutions to resolve the problem.,



This is a bug and here is the solution: First: Since in the ahfctl upgrade command we cannot change the perlhome directory, we must unzip the AHF software zipfile and use ahf setup command.

[root@]# cd /u01/AHF23.6/
[root@]# unzip AHF-LINUX_v23.6.0.zip 


Second: We should copy the path of perl in the above error to the /opt/perl and change the permission of this directory in the /opt/perl path.

[root@]# cp -pR /u01/app/ /opt/perl
[root@]# chown -R root:oinstall /opt/perl


Third: run the ahf_steup command with -perlhome option

[root@]# cd /u01/AHF23.6/
[root@]# ./ahf_setup -perlhome /opt/perl


Fourth: enter Y to upgrade the existing AHF version


Steps 1 and 2


By running the following command, the AHF upgraded successfully.


Steps 3 and 4


Check that the AHF is upgraded successfully.

[root@]# tfactl status
[root@]# ahfctl version


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