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Oracle 23ai: Bigfile Tablespace Shrink

Overview: If you try to resize/shrink a datafile before Oracle Database 23ai, you’ll get “ORA-03297: file… Read more

Oracle 23c: Managing Flashback Database Logs Outside the Fast Recovery Area

Overview: In previous Database releases, you could store flashback database logs only in the fast recovery area Oracle… Read more

Oracle 23c: Read-Only Users and Sessions

Overview: Oracle 23c Database introduces a new feature to control whether a user or session is enabled for read-write operations,… Read more

Oracle 23c: Hybrid Read-Only Mode for Pluggable Databases

Overview: Oracle 23c database introduces a new feature to open Pluggable database in a new mode called hybrid read-only… Read more

MySQL: Updating the Configuration of a MySQL DB System on OCI

Overview: A MySQL configuration is a collection of variables that define the operation of a MySQL DB system. It is analogous… Read more

Oracle 23c: INTERVAL Data Type Aggregations

Overview: Oracle 23c introduces the use of SUM and AVG functions with INTERVAL datatype This enhancement makes it easier… Read more

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