Running Oracle Database 23c Free Release in Docker Container

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I write this blog to test one of the Oracle-provided docker images for database 23c.

I found it very easy to set up a quick database environment to do some tests. You don’t need any virtual machine, Vagrant or anything to set up this.

The Oracle Database 23c Free server Container image contains a pre-built database running on Oracle Linux 8, so the startup time is very fast.

This image contains a default database in a multitenant configuration with one pluggable database.

Pre-requisite: You should have docker installed on your system.   

Here is the link for the Oracle registry where you can find docker images.



You can use the below command to pull the image and then run it.

  docker pull     

Or I used the direct Docker run command and provide variables in the command.

  docker run -d --name myoradb1 -p 1521:1521 -p 5500:5500 -e ORACLE_PWD=Welcome1 -e ORACLE_CHARACTERSET=AL32UTF8 -v ${PWD}/opt/oracle/oradata:/opt/oracle/oradata 

This command will pull the image and run it.



In the above command

container name = myoradb1
Port mapping = 1521:1521
Port mapping = 5500:5500
Set env. variable = ORACLE_CHARACTERSET=AL32UTF8
Set volume = ${PWD}/opt/oracle/oradata:/opt/oracle/oradata
Container Registry =

Once this is done, you can see the image using the below command.



I used docker desktop on my Windows machine, so we can also see the image on the Docker Desktop



Now let me start the container in interactive mode to login into Database.



Connect as you see in my above docker command I used port mapping, so we can connect this DB

From any external tool like SQL developer, toad, etc. from a laptop


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