Flexible and Agile: Eclipsys Solutions Response to Pandemic and Labour Market Challenges Earns Them a ‘Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employer’ award

April 05, 2022

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“Fleet of foot and nimble, the nation’s smaller employers adapted quickly to the pandemic and today are using the same agility to overcome the challenges of a tightening labour market.” The best of these initiatives were recognized today, as Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers (2022) were announced by Mediacorp Canada Inc., organizers of the annual Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition.

Eclipsys Solutions, a professional services firm focused on Cloud consulting and all things Oracle database, earned a top slot as announced in the Globe and Mail this morning.

true value shines through at eclipsys

“Small and medium employers have the advantage of adaptability,” says Kristina Leung, Senior Editor at Mediacorp. “They are independent and have always served as a ‘laboratory’ for the kinds of best practices we eventually see at larger employers. As new ways of working emerge, such as the growing interest in hybrid work arrangements, smaller employers have the flexibility to experiment and come up with solutions that work for everyone.”

“Early in the pandemic, smaller employers were able to respond to employees’ needs quickly and with agility,” says Anthony Meehan, Publisher at Mediacorp. “Today, the new realities for employers include labour shortages across almost every sector, which has been made more acute by other employers offering remote work from further afield. Once again, small and medium employers are responding with agility by adopting many of the benefits previously seen only at larger, more established organizations.”

At Eclipsys, their success can be attributed to aligning their response to these challenges with their core values. “In times of stress, your true values show” says Theresa Williams, Vice President of People and Culture for Eclipsys. “You can’t hide behind policies or great employee handbooks. It’s about the people.” The company zeroed in on engagement, wellness and providing their employees the tools and flexibility they needed. “People were juggling children and families, lockdowns and trying to work” says Williams, “we said, ‘You can log off at any time. Tell us what you need.’ We trusted and supported everyone.”

Eclipsys is beyond proud to be amongst the top employers this year, “This recognition is the result of the creativity, commitment and passion of every Eclipsys team member over the last couple of years. The resilience and dedication demonstrated day in and day out especially during the height of the pandemic was nothing short of incredible. I feel privileged to be in support of this team and their accomplishments.” says their Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Richardson.

Now in its 9th year, Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers is an editorial competition that recognizes the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that offer the nation’s best workplaces and forward-thinking human resources policies. Employers are evaluated by the editors at Canada’s Top 100 Employers using the same criteria as the Top 100 competition: (1) Physical Workplace; (2) Work Atmosphere & Social; (3) Health, Financial & Family Benefits; (4) Vacation & Time Off; (5) Employee Communications; (6) Performance Management; (7) Training & Skills Development; and (8) Community Involvement. Employers are compared to other organizations in their industry to determine which offers the most progressive and forward-thinking programs.

Eclipsys won this prestigious designation most notably for the following reasons as detailed on the announcement site: https://www.canadastop100.com/sme/.

  • Eclipsys Solutions starts its new employees with three weeks of paid vacation, along with additional paid time off over the summer through early closing half-day Friday’s
  • Eclipsys Solutions encourages employees to save for the future with matching RSP contributions, as well as letting them share in the company’s successes through a generous year-end bonus program
  • Eclipsys Solutions encourages employees to become recruiters for the firm through a generous new employee referral bonus program, from $2,500 to $20,000 depending on the position

The annual competition is open to any employer with its head office or principal place of business in Canada. Employers must have less than 500 employees worldwide, including employees at affiliated companies, and be a commercial, for-profit business.


For further information about Eclipsys Solutions:
Shannon Beattie, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Analysis, 647-673-6044, shannon.beattie@eclipsys.ca

For Further information about Mediacorp and the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project:
Stephanie Leung, Assistant Editor, 416-964-6069 x1477 3

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