What’s under your covers?

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This spring we took advantage of some free time in my husband’s schedule as a result of COVID to build a new deck. As with most renovation projects, when you start to lift the covers on your house – you never know what you might find. For us, it was a house that was never wrapped and the resulting rot that ensued unknowingly to us.

Many leaders have strategic goals around cutting costs while driving digital transformation within their businesses. Sometimes when you start to peel back the covers you might find some unknown issues that could have a negative impact on your budget. One striking example of this is with your Oracle licenses. Many organizations struggle mentally with their ever-increasing Oracle support costs, however many of these same organizations are also under license. Eclipsys has a wealth of experience helping our customers identify any licensing gaps they might have but be unaware of and then helping them to reduce their overall licensing spend by architecting and optimizing their IT investments. We have saved our clients over $100 Million on compliance gaps that range on average of $10 million. Our optimization and architecture services have resulted in an average reduction in shortfalls by 74% – all for pennies on the dollar.

With Eclipsys by your side, looking under the covers will not only confirm your licensing compliance but also potentially achieve other goals around cloud, consolidation and optimization. Your end result? Effective data governance and optimization. 

The good news for me? My house will get wrapped before the end of the summer and I get to update my siding colour! Gunmetal grey anyone?

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