Oracle VM, Solaris, and Linux experts in virtualization and OS solutions

Our Oracle VM Server, Solaris, and Linux experts can provide you with a range of services for your virtualization and operating system needs.

Oracle Solaris Virtualization

Oracle Solaris provides a choice of virtualization technologies so you can tailor your virtual infrastructure to best fit your application. Discover how the combination of Oracle Solaris Zones inside OVM Server for SPARC instances (Logical Domains) can give you a variety of choices and advantages for your virtualization needs. Our experts can help design and deploy a virtualization solution for your target T-series, M-series, or Engineered Systems by configuring new LDOMS/containers/zones and help you get the most out of your virtualized environment.

Oracle VM Server Deployment for x86

Virtualization of your applications, middleware and database on your x86 servers can be difficult for some VMWare users as the soft partitioning is not a suitable means for limiting Oracle licensing. Our Eclipsys experts can take the mystery out of Oracle’s VM Server, and install, configure and train your team on how to use it as an effective tool in your environment.

Oracle Solaris P2V and V2V Migration

Our Solaris experts can assist you to get your workloads safely over to a new platform, typically in a matter of days.

Solaris Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) or Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) migrations can eliminate weeks of work when re-platforming your existing workloads onto new systems. By imaging your existing physical system or virtual machine, and Eclipsys expert can port it over to your new platform without needing to reinstall or migrate your operating system, databases, middleware or applications.

Oracle Solaris or Linux Upgrades

The latest release of Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux includes a host of new features, security enhancements and administration enhancements and is usually available to you at no additional cost. Our Eclipsys experts can help you move easily to your new OS release with little or no impact on your systems and operations.