The Eclipsys Project Approach…

Planning & Site Preparation

We provide planning and preparation oversight in advance of the equipment delivery date including a Pre-Installation Checklist that contains long-lead items that you may be required to prepare in advance of the installation. For installation into an existing data centre, many of the items on the list will have been previously provisioned.

System Installation

Eclipsys will arrive at the customer site and complete the following:

  • Unpacking of the systems
  • Racking and cabling the systems for power and data
  • Upgrade firmware to the latest available release
  • Configuring of your systems, including your ILOM management interface and equipment Customer Support Identifier (CSI)
  • Systems validation

System Configuration

Eclipsys can also complete your deployment by configuring the system including:

  • Configuring the system for network connectivity
  • Installing and deploying virtualization (Oracle VM for x86 or SPARC) and VMs/LDOMs/containers/zones
  • Installing your Oracle Solaris or Linux Operating System
  • Configuring your systems, including Auto Service Request (ASR)
  • Systems validation

Please contact us for a fixed price for your specific server model that requires installation.