Upgrade, Migrate or Consolidate your Oracle Database and Save!

We make upgrading or migrating your Oracle databases easy and can help save you money!


 Move from one version of the database to the next – without touching any of the data

  • You are currently on support but on a mature release version
  • You are moving to an engineered systems platform
  • You’d like to receive Oracle security patches
  • Better optimization for better performance
  • Oracle Database 12c (latest version) offers high availability, multi-tenancy and disaster recovery options not previously available

Our upgrade calculator can take the guesswork out and we can usually provide a fixed price.

Is your database being supported?

Check the table below – it may be time for an upgrade!

ORACLE 9i (version 9.2) Currently on sustaining support
ORACLE 10g (version 10.1) Currently on sustaining support
ORACLE 10g (version 10.2) Currently on sustaining support
ORACLE 11g (version 11.1) Extended support ends Aug 2015
ORACLE 11g (version 11.2) Premiere support ends Jan 2015
Extended support ends Jan 2018
ORACLE 12c (version 12.1) Premiere support ends June 2018
Extended support ends June 2021

There are about a dozen ways to upgrade your database, both conventional and unconventional, depending on what you have in your current environment, where you are moving to, and how you want to get there. We have comprehensive experience getting our customers to their new release, and we can reduce the risk and headaches out of keeping your systems up to date.


Move your current database to new hardware, OS or another character set

  • Your hardware is old or is at the end of life
  • To achieve performance improvements offered on newer systems
  • To achieve cost reductions on newer systems through higher throughput or lower core multiplier which requires fewer licenses or decreased power and operation costs on a virtualized system
  • Consolidating your infrastructure/database so that it’s easier to operate and implement high availability solution on a consolidated platform

Eclipsys are one of 3 global Oracle partners participating with OCS to use the same methodology as the Oracle experts. We do these upgrades and migrations all the time and can decrease the risk to your mission-critical systems.


Many IT departments struggle with providing acceptable turnaround times to support projects form the business and application owners. In addition, their operations teams are struggling with managing a multitude of different database configurations, each seemingly customized for the needs of the particular project for which they were deployed

Eclipsys can help you consolidate your databases, and put in place an operational solution and service catalogue to provide a range of standardized options for your business and application owners. This allows IT to deploy standard templates for database resources, options, and availability, to allow you to offer on-demand provisioning and fast turnaround for your internal and external customers, and charge-back functionality so they pay for what they use.