Eclipsys Thinks Beyond the Cloud…

At Eclipsys we offer a variety of end-to-end services that will take you beyond the cloud so that you can continue to optimize the value of your Oracle investments.

As enterprise start moving from the on-premise world to a hybrid world that includes cloud vendors, external companies become an integral part of your infrastructure. Not all of these vendors uphold the same policies, procedures, and principles that you have established in your own business. One of the biggest issues in using public clouds is integrating them with on-premise applications. To solve this issue, we believe you will need to enable universal connectivity to a common platform that can seamlessly “bridge” dissimilar technologies in a consistent way.

Cloud integration entails exchanging information among systems to achieve a specific business objective such as synchronization of customer account data for fulfilling orders. The location of an application and its data—whether in a customer data center or under the auspices of a cloud provider—does not change this basic business need. While many enterprises have committed some level of investment to the cloud, most of these organizations have to deal with on-premise systems in tandem—or fuse data from another cloud app.

Most enterprises have spent years avoiding the data “silos” that inhibit productivity. After decades of locking down critical issues such as interface definitions, governance, reliability, transaction management, exception handling, and transaction monitoring, is it time to reinvent the wheel yet again for the cloud era? Do cloud applications represent a new silo?

Whether your goal is simply to be able to add more systems to an already full data centre or to bring your IT organization up the value chain by offloading all physical infrastructure so you can focus resources elsewhere, the Cloud Services Eclipsys provides holds the key.

We understand that many Canadian enterprises prefer to keep their data in Canada to avoid potential cross-border legal risks. We work with a network of Canadian-based partners to ensure that we can provide a guarantee that data is not being hosted outside the country, should our clients require it.

We work closely with clients to create and deliver offerings that fit their business, whether that includes physical data centre optimization, provision of hardware and software or co-location services – all the way through to the creation, management and delivery of full custom or commercial off the shelf based software-as-a-service offerings.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you make a move to the cloud… and beyond!