What Do You Have To Break To Start Appreciating AI?

Below is an excerpt of a post by Eclipsys’ Christine Kivi – Vice President of Services which was taken from LinkedIn…

Christine Kivi

“Last week I broke my hand, my dominant hand and everything is harder. However, things are not impossible and in fact technology has really made this manageable. Siri is my new best friend. Voice control and dictation are life savers and all are built using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In today’s world relevancy in the marketplace is dependent on using analytics to drive better business decisions and provide services that people are demanding. Data is being collected everywhere and those who can harness its power will dominate. Smart cities, KPI based funding based, directed marketing and automation are just a few examples of where data analytics have a hand in optimizing and improving how we tackle this new world.

At Eclipsys we are very excited to offer the full range of services on the data orchestration continuum. Whether you need help building your data strategy, optimizing data integration, managing data storage, vectorization, data processing and analytics, or data visualization, our team has been helping our customers drive value from their data.

If you haven’t started on your journey to monetize your data, our experts can help. Don’t get left behind, slowly typing one handed.”


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